Hebrew Interlinear Bible

Hebrew Interlinear Bible 1.9

An interlinear Hebrew-English version of the Bible with database capabilities
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Walter Kenaston

Being one of the most studied and analyzed books in human history, the Bible has been translated into almost any language. Nevertheless, scholars and serious readers tend to turn to the original Hebrew texts to appreciate the nuances and different meanings that Hebrew words can have. This program features the original Hebrew text of the Jewish Bible, that is, what Christians know as the Old Testament. Also, it features the King James English version, so you can compare both texts and even create your own translation.

With this aim, the program includes a tool that lets you create up to five different definitions for each underlined word. Also, the program has powerful word-counting capabilities. First, you need to create a database, which can be done automatically. Once this is done, you can ask the program to count how many times a given word appears in the chapter or book you are studying, as well as in the entire Bible. Also, you can go to the next occurrence of the word by right-clicking on it and selecting the corresponding option in the pop-up menu. The program has many other features that can make your Bible study easier and more profound. If you are a cleric, Bible scholar or translator, then this program will prove very useful for you.

Victor Hernandez
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